• knives linear WOHLEMBERG light 185 computer controlled loading and unloading BAUMAN BA / 7 automatic
• knives linear SCHNEIDER-SENATOR light 132 with automatic loading and unloading
• 12 MBO folding machines, consisting of 35 x 50 cm to 100 x 140 cm mixed with pleats or modular
• Gathering machine MULLER MARTINI 3693 to 24 +2 with dual control stations for collecting electronic signatures through the system Asir III and Asac, with group UNIVERSE outgoing line
• 7 staplers ASTRONIC including 2, 3 and 2 ASTER 2000 ASTER 220/SH-4
• 1 automatic line for collecting and sewing Meccanotecnica mod. Multiplex SA, maximum size 320 x 510 mm - 100 x 150 mm undermine, with collection of signatures to 24 stations and automatic loading system for 2 groups of stitching Aster 220C/51.
• Line of paperback TRENDBINDER MULLER MARTINI 3009/24 with picker MULLER MARTINI 3692/24 in line
• Muller Martini perfect binding line with ACOR Commander, Picker MULLER MARTINI 3691/24 Easy Fly and machinery for cutting volumes covered with straps online

On all collection lines are installed control systems Asir (OCR type signatures) and Asac (automatic thickness signatures)

• 1 plant for staple MULLER MARTINI design prior to seven stations
• 1 automatic line for hardbound KOLBUS 60:

COMPACT BF 2000 - COPILOT Formation of the round and false, gluing, napping, application of crepe paper and the capital, smoothing and embedding block book in hardcover, automatically adjusting program format by a screen. Introduction Prolonged pre-book the back of the blocks glued to or in connection with hotmelt glue. Plain grille covers mod. DBA, timer for heating the glue, devices for embedding Cover flexible thin blocks (3 mm); pliers to bookmark. Mechanical yield up to 60 beats per minute, maximum size 365 x 270 x 70 mm - minimum 125 x 100 x 6 mm

FE 60
DS 60

In line with machine model FA 600 BT cellophane wrapping in bundles

• 1 cellophane wrapping machine for single copies, insert address high-speed
• 1 machine cellophane wrapping of parcels tall max. 14cm
• 1 clamp two automatic stations for coupling of 2 volumes
• 1 machine PETRATTO mod. Cordoba 3 for creasing, folding and pasting the bedclothes

Technologies available for photolithography

Le Technologies available for printing



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