• 2 Offset KBA Rapida 162 / A, 4 colors size 120 x 162 cm, print speed 13000th F / H
• 1 Offset KBA Rapida 162 / A, 4 colors size 120 x 162 cm, reversible 2 +2
• 1 Offset KBA Rapida 105, 5-color format 74 x 105 cm, print speed 18000th F / H
• 1 machine Offset, Komori LS840HP 8 colors b/v sieze 70 x 100 cm, print speed 15000th f/h

These machines are equipped with:
APC (Automatic Plate Changer) - Change automatic plate
ACR (Automatic Camera Register) control - automatic registration
Densitronic S with spectral adjustment ensures print quality and density of color according to world standards and allows for the same hue and color density from first to last page printed
IR Oven
Cip online links, data transfer from the CTP prepress to get the color density to 90% from the first sheet.

Technologies available for photolithography

Technologies available for binding