Company profile

Since its foundation in 1967, Lito Terrazzi has put one goal before everything else: quality.

Forty-two years of national and international experience with leading publishing houses and the most important groups in Italy and Europe, the care and attention paid to every stage of the production process, use of the very best materials, and a commitment towards always achieving full customer satisfaction have enabled Lito Terrazzi to establish itself in the prestigious printing sector, where the professionalism of the printer is put to the test more than in any other sector.

Due to its organisation, Lito Terrazzi is capable of directly managing all projects during all of their stages, from repro to printing and binding.

The machines, which are continuously updated, are some of the most modern and technologically advanced systems available on the market, thereby allowing extreme versatility as regards formats, quantities and types of product, without ever having to give up an excellent price/quality ratio.

Due to its qualities, Lito Terrazzi is the ideal solution for all your printing needs. An all-round design company that guarantees competitive pricing and constantly excellent quality.



Via Guido Rossa, 9
50023 Cascine del Riccio - Firenze

Tel. +39 055 209197
Fax +39 055 209270 R.A.